2-Step Verification

Please be aware that our Customer Contact Centre is currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes that may result in longer wait times.  For assistance with 2-Step Verification, you can also contact your branch location, complete the form below or email info@cua.com and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued patience.

As a full-service banking institution, CUA understands the importance of keeping your information and accounts as safe as possible.  That’s why, as new technologies emerge, we have continued to invest in security measures for your continued peace of mind.  In recent years, it has become increasingly common to be asked to provide two separate and distinct forms of identification when logging in to an online platform or account. This type of two-step security system, called “2-Step Verification”, helps to verify your identity and is an industry-standard practice.

2-Step Verification launched on August 16, 2021
On August 16th, CUA introduced the two-step verification security feature to online and mobile banking.  This feature enhances the security of the online banking experience by verifying your identity through the two steps. This entails a new way of logging-in, removing the need for security questions and instead, you will receive a verification code that you enter on the screen in order to access online or mobile banking.  

Members must activate the feature
If you want to use online banking or the CUA Mobile Banking App, you must have the 2-Step Verification feature activated.   Members have 48 days from August 16th to activate 2-Step Verification. The activation period ends October 4, 2021.  If you use the CUA Mobile Banking App, you may also need to download the latest version of the mobile banking app as part of this update, if not already done.    

The process is quick and easy
Activating the 2-Step verification feature only takes a minute to do.  You will notice a change to the login window at cua.com. The fields for your account information will be replaced by a single button to login, taking you to a new page where you will manually enter your account information, which consists of your Membership Number and your Personal Access Code (PAC).

Step-by-step instructions for activating 2-Step Verification »

Logging in to online banking
Now that the feature is available, if your login information was previously memorized, the fields for Account Number and PAC will be cleared. If you do not have your login information (Membership Number and PAC) , please contact a member of the CUA team by phone (902.492.6500) or by completing the online form below. By confirming your account information with us early, you can avoid the possibility of not having access to online or mobile banking. 

PLEASE NOTE: To login to online banking you will be prompted to use your Account Number and Personal Access Code (PAC). You will actually use your member number and PAC.  Your member number and your account number are different.

Your member number is your eight-digit membership number and is used to login to online banking. Your account numbers identify the type of account you have and allows you to set up things like direct deposit, pre-authorized payments and send transfers to specific accounts


What information do I need to activate 2-Step Verification? Expand/Collapse

You will need either your mobile phone number or your email address to register for 2-Step Verification. It’s important to use your own mobile phone number or an email address you can access easily, as you will need to receive and input a verification code to access your online banking.

How long do I have before I’m required to register? Expand/Collapse

You will have 48 days from the date when the feature is available to register for 2-Step Verification.  This security feature was introduced on August 16th and therefore,  members have until the end of October 4th to activate it.  Members will be provided with the opportunity to activate the feature each time they login to their online banking.  Enrolling in 2-Step Verification is easy and will take you a few moments from start to finish.

After the 48 days have passed, you will need to activate 2-Step Verification to access your online and mobile banking.

Once I activate 2-Step Verification, can I go back to using my old security questions? Expand/Collapse

No, the 2-Step Verification security features replaces the use of security questions to confirm your identity.  This tool enhances the safety and security of your banking experience and is an industry standard security practice.

I don’t have a mobile phone. Can I use my landline and receive a text-to-voice? Expand/Collapse

An email address or mobile phone number are the only verification options for this feature.  If you don’t have an email address, there are many email providers that offer free service to choose from

Will I be asked to input a verification code every time I sign into online banking? Expand/Collapse

Just like with your security questions, you will only be asked to enter a verification code when added confirmation of your identity is needed, such as when you attempt to log into online banking from an unfamiliar device or are trying to access your banking in a new location.

I lost my phone/I’m not able to access the email address I used to register for 2-Step Verification and now I can’t log into online banking. What can I do? Expand/Collapse

Don’t worry – we’re here to help. Contact us at 902.492.6500 and our staff can confirm your identity and reset your 2-Step Verification. Once CUA resets your 2-Step Verification, you will be asked to register again using updated information the next time you log into online banking.

I haven’t received a verification code. What should I do? Expand/Collapse

If you registered for 2-Step Verification using an email address, make sure to check your spam or junk folder. If you haven’t received a code after 10 minutes, you can click on the “Didn’t receive a code” link on the Enter Your Verification Code screen to have a new code sent.

If you’re just signing up for 2-Step Verification and haven’t received a code, you may want to confirm that you have input your mobile phone number or email address correctly. If you find an error, you will have the option to return to the previous step and correct your information.

I share an online banking login with my joint account holder. How does 2-Step Verification work for me? Expand/Collapse

To help keep your information secure, we would recommend that you and your joint account holder use individual logins to access online banking.   If you or your joint account holder need to set up your own login, please contact us using the online form above or by calling 902.492.6500.


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