Foreign Resident Mortgage

Nova Scotia has the highest number of university and college students per capita in Canada. When it comes to housing for students obtaining a post-secondary education, options have traditionally included staying at home, living on-campus or renting property. In recent years, a fourth option has gained momentum: parents purchase a property for their child to use as a residence during their studies and beyond.

For parents of international students seeking the comforts of home while studying in Nova Scotia, CUA offers the flexible Foreign Resident Mortgage. Now, parents are able to purchase a home for their child without being residents themselves. Removing this barrier will enable international students to make a home in Nova Scotia, creating lasting impact beyond the day they earn their degree.

Highlighted Features and Benefits:

  • Designed for foreign residents who do not have official status in Canada.
  • Applicants can purchase a new or existing home, for a child or immediate family member who is attending school in Nova Scotia.
  • Qualifying homes include residential housing (one or multi-unit) and contractor-built turnkey purchases. Self-built properties do not qualify.
  • The maximum mortgage amount is $600,000 CAD.
  • A minimum down payment of 35% is required.
  • A second CUA savings account must be opened, containing an amount equal to 12 months of principal, interest and property tax payments, which is held as security.
  • A five-year fixed term with a fixed interest rate to be determined based on application.

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