Fixed Rate Mortgage

If you’re looking for a mortgage that makes payments more predictable and budgeting easier, a fixed-rate mortgage could be the right choice for you.

With a fixed-rate mortgage, you get the same interest rate for the entire term of your mortgage, so you can count on making the same payment every month. Choose terms of 6 months to 5 years, with an amortization (total debt repayment period) of up to 25 years.

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Features and benefits:

  • Apply for a mortgage of up to 95% of the purchase price 
  • Enjoy a predictable payment schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly)
  • Get the security of a predictable interest rate
  • Assumable and portable
  • Credit life, critical illness and disability insurance available.
How to apply

Complete the form above to have a member of the  CUA team reach out to you. Alternatively, you can apply for a CUA mortgage at your branch, or by reaching out to the Customer Contact Centre at 902.492.6500 or

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