No Down Payment Mortgage

Saving for a 5% down payment to purchase a home can sometimes feel like an impossible financial goal to achieve.

We can help. CUA’s No Down Payment Mortgage is available to Nova Scotia residents and can assist you in taking the next step towards home ownership, without having to save up the entire down payment.

How It Works

The No Down Payment Mortgage can provide you with up to 5% of your home’s mortgage amount in the form of a loan or Line of Credit (LOC) to cover the costs of your down payment.

On the closing day of your home’s purchase, you will receive 5% of the mortgage amount back in cash. You can use that amount to pay down your loan or LOC, nearly eliminating your down payment or you can make home improvements, purchase furniture or cover closing costs.

Let's talk.

How can I apply?

You can apply for our No Down Payment Mortgage by booking an appointment with one of our advisors. To do so, complete the form above and a member of the CUA team will reach out to you. You can also connect with us by phone at 902.492.6500 or in one of our branches. To qualify, you’ll need to meet the borrowing criteria. 

We can assist you in determining how debt repayments on both your mortgage and your personal loan can fit into your budget.