Navigating Our Path, Together

As we move through the events of this year, I want to thank you for working together with us as we all adapt to change.  The basic routines and rhythms of our daily lives are now different from even a few months ago, and we can often find ourselves rethinking the things that matter most.

Priorities have certainly changed.  For many people, this is a time when their focus for managing personal or business finances has shifted from following well-laid plans and practices to simply striving for a sense of normalcy.  Conversations have also changed.  The answer to “What should I be doing now?” can be different from even a few weeks ago.  At CUA, our priorities and conversations have changed with you.  Our focus has shifted to helping our customers get through uncertain times with support for those who need it, a plan to keep everyone safe, and information and advice to help manage changing priorities.  Part of that focus includes hearing from our customers about their own circumstances so that we can help them work through their current needs and talk about what’s next.  Our team is here to help and we encourage you to contact us if you are feeling unsure or have questions about your finances.

The conversations we have with individual customers every day help inform our actions, our products and services, and how we approach meeting unique financial needs.  They also provide an opportunity for customers to provide feedback and advice to CUA.  Just as we are ready to provide you with our perspective on financial matters, we want to hear from you about how we can keep improving.  If you have feedback you’d like to share with us, please consider reaching out to any member of our team.

I also encourage you to take care of your overall well-being.  In times of uncertainty, it is important to connect with friends and loved ones with whom you can discuss thoughts, feelings, and reflect on the bonds and experiences we share.

There is no precedent for the climate we are living in. Despite the challenges we have and continue to face, I am struck by the sense of common purpose and resiliency expressed among our customers, our team, and all Nova Scotians. While we may experience these changes differently, we are all navigating the same path together.

We will continue to keep you informed on the latest developments through, email communications, and anytime you reach out to us.

As always, I welcome you to contact us at 902.492.6500 or to learn more, or to get started with CUA.

Your CEO,

Marie Mullally
President & CEO
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