Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Taking steps to improve your home’s energy efficiency will not only reduce your environmental footprint but it will also help reduce your utility bills. 

If you are wondering about ways to become more environmentally friendly, try one (or all) of these green products and methods:

  • Heat pumps:  Heating and cooling costs can really add up.  Whether your home uses electric heat, oil or another method, consider switching to a greener home heating source, like heat pumps. They use a fraction of the energy compared to other methods and will save you money in the long run. Learn the facts about heat pumps.
  • Solar panels:  Have you ever considered installing solar panels in your home? More and more Canadians are switching to solar energy to power their homes, heat their water and some even to power their vehicles. While the initial cost may seem high, you will likely save in the long run by switching to this clean and sustainable energy source. You may even make a little extra cash on months when your panels collect more energy than you use and Nova Scotia Power pays you. Visit Efficiency Nova Scotia's website to learn more about how solar energy can benefit your home.
  • Fuel and energy efficient vehicles:  If you are considering purchasing a new vehicle, maybe now is the time to move to a fuel or energy efficient vehicle.  This is a great option to reduce your environmental footprint and the pressure on your wallet, especially if you commute long distances everyday for work. If you want to make the switch to an environmentally friendly vehicle, let us know! We can help with financing for new and new-to-you vehicles.
  • Other upgrades and renovations:  The windows and doors in your home play a vital role in keeping the temperature just right.  Making sure they are in tip top shape or investing in upgrades can save you money in the long run.  Your appliances are also major energy consumers.  When it comes time to replace them, choose energy efficient options.  For more suggestions on ways you can be more efficient, visit Efficiency Nova Scotia's website. 

Whether you are investing in energy efficient products to reduce your monthly expenses or to reduce your carbon footprint, we welcome the opportunity to help you Go Green with our specialized financing.  Get started by giving us a call at 902.492.6500.

Revised Jul. 16, 2021

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