Banking for Non-Profit Organizations

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Non-profit organization (NPO): A club, society, or association that is organized and operated solely for social welfare, civic improvement, pleasure or recreation or any other purpose except profit.

As defined above by the Canada Revenue Agency, NPOs work to support others, not to earn a profit. This fact sets Non-Profits apart from other businesses and it is why CUA has expert resources available to specifically support their needs.

Here are a few reasons that CUA stands out to NPOs:

  • Products: When NPOs bank with CUA, they can expect products and services that fit their needs, including a customized banking package. The myCommunity Chequing account features free banking up to 30 transactions. We recognize that Non-Profits are constantly receiving cash and cheque donations, so we do not charge for items within a deposit.
  • Flexibility in lending: We know that a “one size fits all” approach to lending does not really work for a lot of organizations. We are able to examine individual organizations and find a lending solution that suits their particular situation.
  • Similar values: NPOs and their staff work tirelessly to support the community, their cause and their people. At CUA, we work tirelessly to serve you. Supporting local organizations and the economy is one of our main priorities.
We would love the opportunity to help you at any stage with your NPO. Whether you are just starting out or are already established, we can help you navigate being in the unique position of NPOs in today’s business world. Our President and CEO, Marie Mullally, was featured in an Atlantic Business Magazine article about being a valued board member. This is a great resource to share with new members of your board. You can also find other tips and advice online in our Business Resource Centre or send your questions around banking for Non-Profit Organizations to

Revised Jul. 20, 2021

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