The Floatation Centre

Floating on Together

When Lindsay MacPhee opened The Floatation Centre in 2015, she brought to life a truly unique vision in Nova Scotia.

Located on 2631 King Street, The Floatation Centre was the first floatation therapy centre in the Province, a place of calm and healing amidst the frequent bustle of Halifax’s North End. Over its almost seven years in business, The Floatation Centre has attracted a devoted clientele due to its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, one-of-a-kind services, and community-focused mindset.

“Our goal is just to make people feel as comfortable as possible right away and to really do our best to hold space for them,” says MacPhee. “Floating is such an individual experience, so our goal is just to gain your trust and make you feel comfortable.”

The approach has worked well for The Floatation Centre. In 2015, it was awarded Best New Business in the Best of Halifax Awards. Over the years, it has also attracted national recognition, including write-ups by CBC, CTV, and other media outlets.

The ambiance of The Floatation Centre is warm and friendly, and The Floatation Centre team is personable and helpful. On sunny days, the waiting room fills with natural light, and its walls are decorated with messages of affirmation. It’s the perfect place to unwind.

“Over time the space has grown more into a home,” says MacPhee.  “What really matters to us and what I hire my team based on is really just compassion.”

Dreams of Buoyancy

Born and raised in Shubenacadie, MacPhee left Nova Scotia in 2005 to complete a degree in Engineering at the University of British Columbia. She stayed in Western Canada for eight years, working as an engineer. However, she couldn’t help but feel like it wasn’t the right fit.

After undergoing several unexpected life changes, MacPhee was ready for a change of scenery. In 2013, she decided to return home to Nova Scotia. Before leaving British Columbia, she decided to visit a local float tank.

A float tank, also known as a sensory deprivation tank, is a soundproof tank filled with approximately 10 inches of water and 350 to 400 kilograms of Epson salt. The tank is dark, and the buoyancy and temperature of the saltwater allow the body to float while also creating a sensory deprivation experience. Pioneered in the 1950s, floatation therapy has been shown to ease muscle tension and pain, promote more restful sleep, and help with migraines, anxiety, stress, depression, detoxification, and overall mental health.

When MacPhee returned to Nova Scotia, she found herself looking for her next step. “There was no job for me when I got here, and so I said, ‘Okay, I get it. I’m not supposed to be an engineer. It’s time to try something else,” says MacPhee

Unsure of what to do, MacPhee decided to go for a float, only to discover that the nearest float tank was in Montreal. That’s when an idea struck, and she decided to do something about it.

The Importance of Community

In 2013, MacPhee was accepted into the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development’s Self-Employed benefits program and started working towards what would eventually become The Floatation Centre.

“I think I worked about two to three jobs at once while I was trying to start the Flotation Centre,” she says. “It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun at the same time.”

“I was really active in the community,” says MacPhee. “When we opened, we had a lot of support. It’s really community that got us here.”

By the time The Floatation Centre opened, it already had connections throughout the Province and a significant online following. In turn, MacPhee doubled down on her community-focused mindset. The Floatation Centre sells and sources local products almost exclusively, and it is devoted to making its space inclusive and welcoming for all people.

As part of her community focus, MacPhee was looking for a bank with similar values and someone that believed in her vision. This brought her to CUA, and The Floatation Centre became a CUA small business member in 2015. The first part of her journey with CUA was working closely with the commercial team to prepare for the business launch.

“CUA was willing to help me start The Floatation Centre when other banks wouldn’t,” she says. “My account manager was in my corner. He helped me so much.”

MacPhee says that being a CUA member has been another important connection to the community that has helped The Floatation Centre thrive throughout the past seven years.

“My account manager will come in for massages and floats and buy gift certificates. I mean, it comes back to that whole community-oriented feel. It was very daunting to take on all this for a dream, but I felt supported the entire time.”

With CUA’s support, The Floatation Centre has continued to grow and evolve. In addition to floatation therapy, it now offers massage therapy, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and more. As it nears its seventh anniversary later this year, The Floatation Centre continues to help Nova Scotians find moments of peace, relaxation, and connection in their everyday lives.

 “It was a calculated leap of faith,” says MacPhee. “I always knew deep down that it was going to work. I just knew.” And CUA knew too!

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