The Benefits of Point of Sale Technology

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Technology is an integral part of many businesses in today’s modern age. We can use technology for many different tasks in many different capacities – one of the most common places you will see technology in a business is point of sale (POS) systems. 

At the very basic level, a POS system allows businesses to process transactions with customers but they can do much more. Increasingly, businesses are adopting these systems to help them manage their day-to-day operations. Some stores have even adopted mobile systems that allow staff to process payments and look up inventory anywhere in the store. This model may not be for everybody though and if that doesn’t necessarily suit your business, here are a few other ways that a point of sale system may be able to benefit you:

  • Inventory management – By using a POS system, you can easily track your inventory. Many systems include features that allow you to be kept up-to-date on current stock as each item is wrung through for purchase. This will help keep your staff up-to-date and help you decide when and what to re-order. This type of feature can be especially useful if you have more than one location. Your staff can also be more efficient and save time by not having to physically count inventory as often.
  • Customer experience – If a customer comes into your business wondering if you have an item in stock, being able to have the answers at the tip of your fingertips with your POS system is far more efficient than having an employee go and look out back while they wait. It can also help cut down wait times in line ups, which will leave customers feeling more valued. Another added benefit is engaging your customers by using information gained from POS systems to send increasingly relevant marketing emails. You can incorporate information about your most popular products and services, loyalty programs and other information that can be gleaned from consumer habits.
  • Staff efficiency - A POS system can include such features as logging staff hours, help manage scheduling, creating sales reports and more. All of this results in more efficient use of yours and your staff's time, freeing staff up to assist customers and take care of other roles and responsibilities. Another benefit to your staff is the ease of use of the system. If they are comfortable using the system, they will be more comfortable assisting customers, also resulting in a more positive customer experience.
There are many options available when choosing a POS system that is right for your business. Be sure to explore the market and research your options before choosing, as it isn’t a one size fits all type of system. Some suppliers will come and do an evaluation of your business and help you choose a system and features based on your specific needs. If you have any questions, concerns or want to discuss ways that CUA can help benefit your business, contact us at or by calling 902.492.6500.

Revised Jul. 10, 2022

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