Assembling Your Home Buying Team

Buying a house is likely one of the largest purchases (and decisions) that a person can make. At this exciting time, you want to be able to enjoy the process.  Having the right team of professionals working with you takes the stress out of buying a home.

If you are ready to buy a home, these are the people you want working with you:

  1. Financial Advisor– A trusted financial advisor is the best person to start the home buying process with.  They will provide you with information about the down payment, getting pre-approved for a mortgage, the lending process, the extra costs associated with buying a home and your next steps. 
  2. Realtor – If you are ready to start looking at properties, hire a realtor.  A realtor will be able to help you choose a neighbourhood, view homes and of course, negotiate with the sellers once you have found a home that you love. 
  3. Home Inspector – A qualified home inspector will give you the peace of mind about buying a home by making sure that it is sound and safe and ready for your family to move in.
  4. Lawyer –  As you will be reviewing and signing many legal documents with your lawyer, it is important that you work with someone that you trust and feel comfortable with, rather than the first individual or firm that is recommended to you.
  5. Extended family/network – Your family and network can be one of your greatest assets in the home buying process.  They can keep an eye out for properties you may be interested in, recommend professionals they have experience working with and provide emotional support, in what can be, a stressful and busy time.
Our last piece of advice for anyone preparing to buy a home is to be realistic.  Although you may be approved for a mortgage up to a certain amount, that does not mean the house you buy has to cost that much.  Look at your current situation, your budget and your quality of life and make decisions based on facts.  Make sure that once the deal is done, you have a budget set up so you can enjoy your new home, without being constantly worried about new bills and expenses. It is also important to start saving money in an emergency fund, since you never know when additional unexpected expenses may spring up.

If you have any questions about home financing, we would be happy to discuss CUA’s suite of mortgage products, including our No Down Payment Mortgage. Give us a call at 902.492.6500 to get started today.

Happy home buying!

Revised Jul. 20, 2021

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