The Importance of Teamwork

Like many Canadian businesses, the idea for Seagull Cabinets began in a hockey rink.

After a game of pickup, Cameron Bruce and Barry Wambolt found themselves sitting in a dressing room discussing the possibility of launching a business. Given their background and experience in construction and existing connections and interests, the idea of a unique kitchen cabinet wholesaler was floated.

“We knew right away we didn’t want to be a cabinet provider on a limited scale—we wanted to expand and offer a full range of products, designs, and accessories,” says Cameron.

In the summer of 2017, Seagull Cabinets opened their doors. Shortly after, the duo picked up another star player, Matthew Wambolt, and got to work turning their idea into a reality.

However, when it came to securing financing for the business, the trio hit a rough patch of ice. Even though they knew they had a winning idea, they had a hard time convincing the big banks they had what it takes.

“Starting your own business is scary, there is a lot of uncertainty. When no one is taking your phone calls, the doubt starts to creep in, and you start asking yourself—what are we doing here?” says Barry.

Rather than being satisfied with their dreams being benched, the trio kept at it and eventually found their way to CUA. From their first meeting, they knew CUA saw their vision.

“I learned very quickly the importance of working as a team and having the right people in your corner,” says Cameron.

“During our first meeting, our account manager said that what he loved about our product was that it wasn’t sexy,” Barry chuckles. “At first, I was insulted. But then he explained how the best businesses aren’t always sexy—our product is something that everybody uses and there will always be a demand for it.”

The account manager was right. Since opening their doors in 2017, Seagull Cabinets has grown to be a proudly Atlantic Canadian owned and operated wholesale distributor offering a range of solid wood cabinets at affordable prices with industry-leading turnaround times. And business is good—the company is actively growing to keep up with demand.

 “Whether you’re in the rink, on the golf course, or starting a business, the biggest factor that determines your success is having the right people around that share your vision and support you,” says Barry.

Being a team doesn’t mean you have to think the same way or agree all the time, it’s about being honest with each other and putting the team first. It’s also about knowing when to play to each others’ strengths and when it’s time to call in a ringer—like a solid financial partner.

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