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Terrilee Bulger has worked in the book industry since she was 15 years old and in 2012, she purchased Nimbus Publishing, along with Heather Bryan, co-worker turned business partner. Nimbus has had a 40-year history as the largest English-language publisher and book distributor east of Toronto but finding the support of financial institutions proved difficult.

“I reached out to my bank at the time about making the purchase, and they were neither interested nor helpful,” says Bulger.

Publishing is not known to be a lucrative industry; it is very much David vs. Goliath, monopolized by the “Big 4” publishing houses who have the resources to dominate the market. That leaves small and independent publishers, like Nimbus, vying for the same shelf space in bookstores at a considerable disadvantage.

“As a regional publisher, we maintain our roots in Nova Scotian history and want to share the stories of people in this region that otherwise wouldn’t be told,” explains Bulger. “Every book we make is a commitment to our culture.” Nimbus produces more than fifty new titles a year on a wide scope of subjects seen through an Atlantic Canadian lens— children’s books, literary non-fiction, social and cultural history, biography, sports, and cultural issues.

Upon receiving a recommendation from a friend, Terrilee approached CUA.

“Right away, CUA got it from a business and community perspective,” remembers Bulger. CUA has a rich history founded in working with its members to help them achieve their goals. Bulger believes that because of this foundation, CUA could see beyond just the economic value of the business and understand the cultural, educational and social impact an independent publisher like Nimbus has. 

Since joining CUA, Nimbus has experienced rapid growth, and in 2018 they expanded into a new location on Strawberry Hill featuring a coffee shop and bookstore, Open Book Coffee. It’s a European-inspired cafe serving Java Blend coffee and baked goods, which often hosts book launches and events.

CUA forges strong connections with its members and appreciates the success that each one achieves. “It’s clear that CUA cares about member wellbeing and has our goals at the heart of their decisions,” Bulger describes.

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