Growing Green

When electricians, Justin Gillard and Scott Coulter, decided to open Evergreen Electric, they knew there would be challenges. “Like any small business owner—and I suppose any light switch—we’ve had our ups and downs,” says Justin. “It took a lot of hard work and determination to become the business we are today.” 

The pair met in trade school as apprentices and kept in touch. After a few years of working, they both felt that their motivation and abilities were suppressed by the confinements of their employment. “Some people want to come in, work their 40 hours and not think about work outside of that, that was never the case for us,” Scott says. Although they each brought different skillsets and experiences to the table, they both had the same personal drive and motivation. After seeing the potential in each other, they decided to go into business together.

After operating for five years, Evergreen Electric was ready for growth. Justin and Scott wanted to expand the business and approached their bank about increasing their operating line of credit, a critical step in expanding their product offering. To their surprise, the application was denied, leaving them facing a potential ceiling to future expansion. “That’s when we started looking around to see what else was available and we came across CUA and the Loan Guarantee Program,” says Justin. For Evergreen Electric, it was the open door they’d been waiting for.

Helping small businesses implement big ideas is part of CUA’s DNA. Each application is evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure the business has every chance of getting a ‘yes’ either through CUA’s various business financing products or the Nova Scotia Small Business Loan Guarantee Program. When Justin and Scott sat down with CUA, they felt CUA really understood their business plan, the viability of it, and took their character into account.

“With CUA behind us, we were able to double our operating loan,” says Justin. “That was reason enough for us to come over.” 

The business has continued to grow and is now an industry leader approaching its 10th year in operation, providing a range of products and services for residential and commercial customers including solar, electric thermal storage, water heating, and backup power options to help with energy needs. “Starting our own business and growing it, has allowed us the freedom to capitalize on our motivation and desire to reach new milestones,” says Scott. For Justin and Scott, going the extra mile, providing quality customer service, and maintaining strong relationships is important in their business—it’s also important for them to have a financial partner that does the same. 

“It was a pivotal time for us as a business and we needed the financial backing and access to capital to grow,” says Justin. “CUA helped us a lot.”

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