Making a Dream a Reality

Dan Monk
Dan Monk began his career as an engineer and in 2009, he founded his business, Monk Renovations. Specializing in home renovations, Dan has built a company that is gaining momentum and winning awards. But building a growing company requires leaning on partners like suppliers, subcontractors and even a financial partner.

"My experience with CUA has been phenomenal,” says Dan.

Dan had explored other financial institutions before coming to CUA. When he had gone to other lenders, they sent his application to Toronto, and it promptly came back rejected which made him feel like his dreams weren't possible.

That all changed when he talked to CUA.

"CUA really gets it. Every deal isn't perfect and every duck always isn't in a row. But they get the people putting together deals, and they make it happen because they trust the person,” says Dan.
It was the relationship that really struck him—Dan felt seen as a person rather than an applicant. Since that initial experience, he has financed three commercial buildings with CUA, including two that he built. Each time, CUA was receptive to his ideas.

When it came time to look at purchasing a business, CUA was yet again the only financial partner that came to the table with what Dan and his team needed.

Sharing His Experience with Others

Dan is one of CUA’s biggest champions, often referring other small businesses who are looking for flexible and personalized solutions.

“CUA staff have a more entrepreneurial mindset. They’re trying to make the deal work instead of just putting in their eight hours,” says Dan.

In Dan’s experience, CUA gets it from a small business, community and personal perspective and he couldn’t ask for a Better Way to Bank.

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