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We’re all asking questions. Whether about our health, our economy, our place in society or our finances, 2020 has brought about conversations we have often shied away from. We’ve adapted to changes we did not anticipate. And, we’re asking how to prepare for the future when our view isn’t always clear.

It’s no secret that questions about money — and our ability to talk about them — have long dominated our finances. Nearly half of Canadians report losing sleep because of financial worries. Close to two in five are unsure of how to achieve short-term goals like saving for a large purchase, and more than half wonder how much savings they need to retire comfortably. The unfolding economic impact of COVID-19 has clouded our perspectives and can make money harder to talk about. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed, confused, and often seeking answers on our own. While many Canadians have sought expert financial advice, many others do not, relying on the internet, family and friends or even shying away from their finances entirely.

We all approach finances differently, but what is consistent is the value of starting a conversation with an expert. A Financial Advisor not only takes the time to provide better answers to your questions by learning about you and your circumstances, they help you clarify your financial goals and work with you to build or maintain a personalized plan to achieve them.

The value of working with an Advisor can cascade through how we think about and manage our finances. It’s a smart way to make money easier to talk about — we feel more confident when we take stock of our circumstances and build a plan toward our goals. Having a plan helps us cultivate and maintain disciplined saving and spending habits, which then leaves us better prepared for any curveballs life throws at us and, ultimately, retirement. Starting early can be key. Younger people, who are currently the least likely to engage an expert, have the most to gain from years of good habits and compounding interest and returns.

Improving our own financial well-being can also play a role in supporting the broader economy. While many Canadians anticipate maintaining a lower income in retirement, studies suggest that working with an Advisor enables us to build more household wealth and increases the likelihood of maintaining our standard of living after our careers. With more retirement income, we’re more likely to maintain our spending habits and support the GDP growth and tax contributions that help drive our economy.

No matter what financial questions you have, better answers start with better conversations.

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