#10KinaDay 2021

10K in a Day 2021

The Contest is Now Closed - Thank you for participating!

Going to college or university is both an investment in your future and a lesson in personal finance. Tuition, books and everyday necessities can add up. To help ease the financial stress of getting back to class, CUA  contributed $10,000 to ten lucky students’ tuition and surprised an additional ten students with $500 and $250 tuition cheques.

 2021 Tuition Cheque Winners!




  • Jiarui Li
  • Cynthia Fraschetti
  • Megan Hulan
  • Emma Pardy
  • Siena Hammermeister
  • Alaina Carroll
  • Charlanie Innocent
  • Lillian Flynn
  • Thomas Fallows
  • Eilish Graham
  • Ella Savoie
  • Xavier Cusack
  • Larissa Guptell
  • Shaylin Gillis
  • James Marryatt
  • Marie Canning
  • James Downie
  • Janay Beals
  • Ganesh Bhattarai
  • Lisa MacPherson

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