For the love of Ice Cream

Picture this – a hot day in Tantallon, just back from the beach, with the sun beating down on you. What kind of treat can put a pep in your step and bring joy to your taste buds? In rolls Cool Bus Treats, decked out like a 60’s diner, scooping ice cream and serving floats.

New beginnings

Darrell Smith first walked into the CUA Tantallon branch looking for a car loan after a hard couple of years. Working together, they were able to get Darrell his first CUA “yes”. So, in 2013, when he and his family moved to the Tantallon area, moving the rest of their bank accounts to CUA was the obvious choice. Fast forward to 2019, after several years of building a strong relationship with Shelly Daley and the CUA Tantallon team, Darrell decided to make the jump to entrepreneurship.

“I’ve been dreaming of owning a food truck for 10 years,” said Darrell. “When CUA told me “yes”, it was an amazing and scary experience, but it was the leap of faith that I needed. Without their yes, it wouldn’t have happened.” When Darrell became his own boss, he took control over his life in a way he never could in his previous career.

For the love of family and ice cream

As Cool Bus Treats started to take shape, Darrell’s two daughters, 9 and 12 years old, became heavily involved in the business. They now work alongside him during the summer and Darrell couldn’t be happier with their enthusiasm, especially as his oldest daughter has become more like a partner than an employee.

When asked “why ice cream?” Darrell laughed and said “why not ice cream? Driving the bus and scooping ice cream puts the biggest smile on my face... But I’ve never been so anxious about the weather. I wish it could be sunny everyday!”

Driving forward

Now instead of working away for someone else everyday, Darrell gets to spend his time scooping his favourite food with his favourite people. When the ice cream season comes to an end, Cool Bus Treats will hit the brakes – but not for long. They have plans to expand their menu to include hot treats for the cool winter… and who knows, maybe another bus or two down the road.

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