Rose-coloured glasses

Celebrating Credit Union Day and a 40-year journey at CUA

Avid gardeners are intimately familiar with the term perennial, meaning “through the years”. One of the most beloved perennials is the rose, and at CUA we also have a rose with deep roots and a story of growth – Rose Wessel. 

Rose is all about people and building relationships. It’s something you can sense instantly, whether you’re taking a seat in her office or hearing her infectious laugh for the first time. Her warm presence and smile makes everyone feel welcome – like you’ve known Rose for years. And for some CUA members, they have; Rose has been a valued part of the CUA team for 40 years (and counting). 

From the beginning

Rose came to know the credit union system thanks to her family. Her father was a member and enjoyed his experience so much that he wanted his daughter to experience it from the inside out. After speaking to the branch manager, Rose was granted an interview. As they say, the rest is history. 

Rose has worked in a variety of roles and branch locations over her 40-year tenure at CUA, all of which have allowed her to help people in every capacity. She began as a receptionist and vault attendant, and then moved into lending before becoming the very first administrator of RRSPs.

“To this day, I get really excited about investments,” she says, “Anybody that knows me will tell you that I love helping members save for their future.” In her current role as a Financial Service Officer at the Civic Branch on Lady Hammond Road in Halifax, Rose is an integral part of helping members every day. 


Rose has built a meaningful career while also raising her own children, who now have children of their own. Rose has two granddaughters and a number of fur-grandchildren that bring a twinkle to her eye when she talks about them. Rose's love for her family is both obvious and inspiring – it’s a passion that she also brings to her desk and team at CUA.

Rose also notes that her colleagues have become extended family over the years, “We hire some really nice people, some of whom have become best friends.” 


If you ask Rose why she has stayed at CUA for as long as she has, she begins with a sensible answer – the importance of having a stable income and providing for her family. Quickly after, however, a smile makes way for the true motivation behind her four-decade journey, “I absolutely love our members. I have laughed and cried with them all over the years.” 

Asking Rose to pinpoint a single member or experience that has made her journey at CUA so special was, not surprisingly, an impossible task. “Everyone – every member – has made a significant impact on my life,” she says. “I love working with young couples – helping their dreams come true as they buy their homes, grow their families and celebrate life’s milestones.” Rose did mention that one of her favourite activities is welcoming new members to CUA, opening up accounts – especially for children who come into the branch with a parent or grandparent. 

Over the course of her four-decades with CUA, Rose has learned many things about her own life, the lives of others and of course, about best practices in managing your finances. “Tomorrow always comes sooner than you think,” she says, “I’ve learned that you can never start planning for the future soon enough.” It’s a piece of advice she shares often with new customers to CUA, encouraging them to experience the full CUA difference by taking advantage of the people, products and commitment to help that’s available to them. 

“We’re more than a financial service,” says Rose. “We’re people – we really care – and once people know that, it can make all the difference for their financial future.”