Redefining Wealth

“Focus on the Feeling” with Financial Advisor Laura Doane

Each June, CUA celebrates staff during its Employee Appreciation Week. It’s a time to celebrate the work that the team puts into helping members reach their full financial potential.  One team member who is a true testament to the work CUA is doing is Financial Advisor, Laura Doane. Laura joined CUA in 2014 and has worked at the Spryfield branch since it opened in the fall of 2018.

While many people define wealth by a dollar amount, Financial Advisor Laura believes wealth is much more than a number. Laura sees wealth as having the knowledge and guidance to reach your personal goals and pursue passions.

Laura has found her own wealth and she’s grateful her role with CUA provides her with an opportunity to help members discover their passions as well.

Fueling a Passion for Finances

Laura was born and raised in Kingston, Nova Scotia, a small village on the north bank of the Annapolis Valley in Kings County. Her parents, both driven and hard-working, instilled a strong work ethic in Laura from a young age. In the early days of her father’s small business, Laura, along with her brother and sister, had the opportunity to gain early work experience, lighting a passion in her that would eventually pave the way to a rewarding role at CUA.

Laura’s banking career began at one of Canada’s bigger banks. There, she fine-tuned her skills and knowledge of the banking industry. After some time, Laura felt something important was missing. “I was gaining a wide range of experience, but I wasn’t provided with the time to really get to know to my clients on a personal level,” she says. Laura had heard CUA offered something different, and it proved to be exactly what she was looking for – an opportunity to help people achieve what matters most, no matter where they are in life.
Laura joined CUA in 2014 and now works at the recently opened Spryfield branch, a community where she feels welcomed and appreciated. “This neighbourhood is filled with heart, soul, and people who work hard,” she says. “The potential here is endless – with so many young people, new families and new businesses.”

Defining What Matters

Laura’s pride in her job doesn’t stop when she leaves the office. “At home, I often explain to my children that my job involves helping people achieve both their financial and life goals, whatever those may be,” she says. “When my kids hear CUA’s ads on the radio, or see the bright green doors around the city, they get quite excited. They make me feel like a financial superhero.”

The goals Laura helps members achieve vary, it may be saving to buy their first home, planning for retirement, financing a new car or setting aside money for special experiences.

Laura’s family, her faith and the experiences they enjoy together mean everything to her. Laura says her children, Ava-Makaylah, age 9, and Jaxson, age 7, both have adventurous sides, which she attributes to her family’s passion for travel. “We’re all about doing, rather than having,” she says. “It’s important to us to take annual vacations together, whether that be travelling out of the country or a staycation here in Nova Scotia. We want to introduce our kids to all kinds of new experiences and one way we do that is by travelling.” For Laura, these memories are what matters most.

While enjoying the little things in life are a priority for Laura, she understands that everyone has their own unique aspirations and that’s why she makes it a priority to clearly understand a member’s goals before diving into a plan.

Opening the Door

You’ll often find Laura at the Spryfield branch sipping on a cup of steamy London Fog, but the warmth in her office isn’t just from the tea. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to sit down with Laura, you’ve likely felt her kindness.

Each time Laura meets with a member or a potential member, she asks, “what’s your story?” and then, she listens. From their conversation, Laura strives to learn their goals as well as what may be preventing them from achieving those dreams. “Wealth is a feeling,” explains Laura. “Many times, people believe there is no way for them to reach their goals but it’s my job and my desire to allow them see how it is indeed possible.”

Laura always sees the potential in a member and she develops their financial plan with the goal of enabling them to see their own potential as well. “Everyone is capable of achieving their dreams, no matter how big or how small,” she says. “How great is it that I get to help them put a plan in place to help them get there? It makes me smile everyday.”
If you’d like to share your story with Laura or another member of the CUA team, please contact us at 902.462.6500.

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