CRA Direct Deposit for Businesses

CRA Direct Deposit for Businesses
CRA’s Direct Deposit is a fast, convenient and secure way to receive your payments or refunds for your business. Registration takes less than five minutes from login to completion, and it will enable CRA to deposit your funds directly into your CUA account.  A number of payments and refunds are available for Direct Deposit, including:

  • corporation income tax refund
  • goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax refund
  • refund of excise tax or other levies
  • refund of payroll deductions
To be eligible to enroll for CRA direct deposit for businesses, your business must have a valid 15-digit business number and one of the following CRA program accounts:

  • RT – Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax
  • RP – Payroll
  • RC – Corporate Income Tax
How to set up CRA Direct Deposit

  1. Sign into online banking at
  2. From the left-hand menu, select Account Services and then Set Up CRA Direct Deposit for Business.
  3. Follow the prompts, entering your CRA Business Number with either Payroll (RP), Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (RT), or Corporate Income Tax (RC) and select the account you would like deposited. You will then confirm the information of the owner, director, partner or other corporate officer of the business and proceed to the next page.
  4. On the next page, you will confirm your information and consent to submitting your information.
  5. Review your information to ensure everything is correct, select Submit and you’re finished!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am already registered with the CRA to receive payments? Expand/Collapse

If you are already registered for CRA Direct Deposit, you don’t need to register again.

Can I still sign up for Direct Deposit directly with CRA? Expand/Collapse

Yes. You can sign up directly with the CRA if you prefer.

Do I need to register separately for different payments? Expand/Collapse

No, once you are registered once, you are enrolled for any and all types of government payments that you may be eligible for.

Where can I check in on the status of my payment or enrolment? Expand/Collapse

You can contact CRA directly, toll-free, at 1-800-959-8281.

Can I sign up for CRA Direct Deposit if I have a personal banking account? Expand/Collapse

Yes, visit CUA’s Personal Banking page to learn how.

I’ve already signed up for CRA direct deposit with another bank/financial institution. If I sign up again, will it update what I have on file with the CRA? Expand/Collapse

Yes. The most recent enrolment you complete will become the account on file with CRA.


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