Before You Apply

Applying for your CUA credit card is quick and easy.  The entire process will take approximately five minutes, provided you have the information you need.  Please read below to ensure you have everything you need to begin.  If you have questions, contact us at 902.492.6500.  A member of our team would be happy to help.

What you’ll need to apply:

    1. A form of identification (e.g. driver’s license issued by a Canadian province or territory, Canadian citizenship card, Certificate of Indian Status, provincial or territorial ID card, passport, or permanent residence card);
    2. Personal information (e.g. social insurance number, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, email address, phone number);
    3. Your member number. In order be eligible for a CUA credit card, you must be a current CUA member. The number is indicated as part of your account number  (e.g. if your account number is 12345-10-6, your member number is 12345-6.)  Ensure to tick the “Are you a member of this institution?” box to avoid delays in the review process.  If you don't know your member number, leave that section blank and your status as a current member will be confirmed before processing;
    4. Co-applicant information. If you are applying for a credit card with a co-applicant, they must also provide their personal information. The required fields for the co-applicant are the same as those required for the primary card holder, including social insurance number and employment and income information. 
Transferring a Balance?

If you are doing a balance transfer at the time of application (up to a maximum of three existing accounts), you will need the full account number and mailing address of the credit card(s) you are paying off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to process my application?


Processing times are difficult to predict. They vary depending on the credit card you are applying for and the number of applications currently being processed.  Please note that processing times change depending on the number of applications received and may change during the processing of your application.

Can I choose my credit limit?


The credit limit will be decided by Collabria, the credit card issuer, following a check of your credit score and history.  If you have a specific limit in mind, entering it into the comments section is possible, though it will require a manual review by Collabria, thereby delaying your immediate pre-approval.

Why am I being asked for my Social Insurance Number (SIN)?


You are not required to provide your SIN number, however it will assist the process of reviewing your credit score and history.

Why do I need to provide my mother’s maiden name?


This is required for all credit card applications and is used for an added security feature.

Why do I need to provide a personal email address?


Once you complete your application, an email will be sent to you to acknowledge receipt of your application.

What should I enter for “monthly house payment”?


If you own a home, your monthly mortgage payment would consist of a principal and interest payment, plus property taxes if collected by your financial institution. This is the total amount that reports to the credit bureau and is the amount that Collabria, the card issuer, will confirm at the time of the credit check. If you currently rent or do not have a monthly house payment, enter zero.

What counts as monthly income?


Monthly income can consist of employment income or alimony, child support or any other type of maintenance income.

What is the difference between a co-applicant and an authorized user?


A co-applicant, typically a spouse, is liable for all charges on the account.  They are able to access the credit line, make decisions and changes in the same fashion as the primary applicant (you).  Their credit history is reviewed at the time of application and the account activity is reported to their credit bureau.  A minimum age requirement of 19.

An authorized user, however, is an additional cardholder who you give permission to access the credit line.  Typically, authorized users include spouses, children or those in a guardian or childcare role.  Authorized users are not liable for charges on the account and are not able to make account level decisions.  Their credit is not reviewed at the time of application and the account activity is not reported to the credit bureau. No minimum age requirement. If there is a question/concern with the card, only the primary card holder (not the authorized user or co-applicant) will be able to call to have the question/concern addressed.

How many authorized users can I have on my account?


A maximum of two authorized users are able to be added to each account.  At the time of application, you will need personal information including their name, date of birth and mother’s maiden name for security purposes.

If I have a co-applicant, must they also apply for joint credit?


Yes.  The co-applicant fields will appear when you select this option, and are mandatory to complete the application. Please note, if the co-applicant is a spouse, do not enter the monthly housing payment as it will double count from your own application.  If the co-applicant is someone other than a spouse, enter all information as asked.

What does “meets criteria” mean for the CUA World Mastercard application?


To qualify for the CUA World Mastercard, you must meet one of four criteria including: demonstrate a minimum annual spend of $15,000 on a current credit card; have a minimum household income of $100,000; have a minimum personal income of $60,000; or, have declared assets under management of $250,000.  For full details, hover over and click the question mark icon.  If you meet the criteria, check “meets criteria".

What should I put in the “Referred By” box?


If you were directed to the application by a member of the CUA team, please enter the referring CUA team member's name. Alternatively, if you are a member of the CUA team completing the application on behalf of a member, please enter your name in this box.